Unique Formulation Combines Florfenicol and Flunixin Meglumine in a Single Dose: RESFLOR GOLD

For years, the cattle industry has relied on florfenicol (antibiotic) to treat bacterial causes of bovine respiratory disease (BRD). At the same time, the industry has relied on flunixin meglumine (NSAID) to treat the fever associated with BRD.

RESFLOR GOLD changes all that. It is a unique formulation of florfenicol and flunixin meglumine. We say RESFLOR GOLD is a “unique” formulation because florfenicol and flunixin meglumine cannot simply be mixed together to create RESFLOR GOLD. When they are mixed that way, a gelatinous substance results; it could not be administered by any route.

The technology that formulated RESFLOR GOLD brought with it two bonus features of the product:

  • It is administered subcutaneously.
  • It combines the powerful antibiotic florfenicol with the fast-acting NSAID flunixin meglumine.

What this new technology means to the cattle industry is that BRD therapy can now be provided simply, conveniently and cost-effectively.