Lung Protection Therapy

Lung Protection Therapy: the Future of BRD Treatment

Lung Protection Therapy (LPT) is a simple respiratory disease treatment strategy to protect bovine lungs. It involves two aspects:

  1. An antibiotic to kill or inhibit the disease-causing bacteria and
  2. A non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug (NSAID) to reduce the inflammation that leads to lung damage.

A Two-Pronged Strategy

The inflammation (the body’s response to infection) is a major contributor to lung damage. Once inflammation begins, it creates a vicious cycle of more and more inflammation, more and more lung damage.

Inflammation is a vicious cycle

That’s why an antibiotic alone is not enough. Also needed is the simultaneous control of inflammation via a NSAID.

Cattle Lungs Can't Afford Infection

Bovine lungs have 30% the capacity of equine lungs, yet cattle have 250% the oxygen requirement of horses.

Shortcomings of the Bovine Respiratory System

Shortcomings or the bovine respiratory system

This capacity/oxygen requirement ratio makes bovine lungs highly susceptible to bacterial infection and lung damage. And the animals cannot afford to sacrifice even a small portion of lung to inflammation, lesions and consolidation. Without healthy lungs, cattle cannot perform to their potential and may become both a management and financial liability.

Reduction in ADG (lb)

Lung lesions reduct ADG (LB)

Lung Protection Therapy with RESFLOR GOLD can help. In a single dose, RESFLOR GOLD treats both the bacterial cause of the infection and the fever and inflammation that result from bacterial infection, which can happen fast.

Median Percentage Lung Consolidation (%)

NSAIDs - effects on Lung Consolidation

Administer RESFLOR GOLD at the first signs of BRD, for peace of mind and profitability.


  • LPT is enhanced lung protection.
  • BRD can cause irreversible lesions in the lungs, which affects both the growth of calves and their carcass quality.
  • LPT combines both an antibiotic and a NSAID in the treatment of BRD.
  • LPT is a treatment strategy designed to preserve lung function in one step:
    • Treats infections due to common BRD bacteria
    • Rapidly reduces inflammation
    • Optimizes oxygen transfer across the lungs
    • Provides a visibly faster recovery by rapidly reducing fever
    • Preserving the lung function of calves may reduce the economic losses associated with BRD.

Use LPT in BRD.